Citation Smart

With Citation Smart, courts can send reminders via text message to defendants with active citations and facilitate payments. This easy-to-use interactive application is a cost-effective and convenient solution that allows courts to better serve citizens, build trust and reduce defaults



  • Interactive citation saves time and boosts collections:
    Citation Smart sends defendants periodic reminders via text message to facilitate payment for a citation. Through this interactive citation, defendants also receive the option to pay citations using their smartphones. By making it simple and easy for citizens to pay a citation, this technology enables courts to boost collections and reduce defaults.
  • Sends reminders to prevent warrants and benefit citizens:
    Besides sharing reminders to facilitate payments, Citation Smart can also send out alerts to defendants who are likely to be issued a warrant due to a delay in resolving their citations. This feature helps citizens avoid additional legal trouble and also ensures that courts do not have to devote excessive time and resources to securing a citation payment.
  • Integrates with court management software:
    Citation Smart easily integrates with existing court management software, facilitating ease of use, real-time reports, and smart data storage.
  • Customizable features:
    Courts using Citation Smart can customize their text message reminders and transaction reports to fit their specific requirements.