Tickets On The Go

Tickets On The Go is a secure and easy-to-use eCitation smartphone app that auto-populates a citation form and allows officers to share tickets with a defendant via print, email or text message. This app works on both Android and iOS devices.


Issue an eTickets or warning using any smart device

Built-in DL scanner populates fields automatically

Issue violator copy using bluetooth printer

Data immediately flows to the cloud

Automating Your Citation Process

Fast, Accurate and Secure Electronic Citations

  • Issue Citations from the comfort of your Smartphone
  • 50% faster than handwriting and ticket writers
  • Costs a fraction of a dedicated Ticket Writer
  • No expensive Maintenance Plans required
  • Built in ID / Registration scanner and Photo Capture
  • DL and registration info auto-populates


  • Fast! No more hand writing the same forms over and over.
  • Eliminate illegibility errors so there are fewer dismissals.
  • Citations can be sent immediately from the squad car to the courthouse.
  • Less time on the curb results in more time on patrol for your community.
  • Enhance “customer satisfaction” because the process is quicker.
  • Reduce the need for grant writing due to budget savings.

Why QRicket?

  • No Printers needed in squad cars. - reduces cost.
  • No papers need to be printed.- reduces cost - Environmentally friendly.
  • Safer for officers, they don’t have to go back to their car to print a ticket.
  • No expensive Maintenance Plans required
  • No more paper jams and malfunctions and bluetooth connectivity issues.
  • Dynamic, Intelligent QR code takes defendant straight to the PDF copy of the ticket.
  • The QR code takes defendant straight to the Interactive version of the ticket, once ticket goes to the court system
  • Even if the officer did not collect a cell number or email address, QRicket will prompt defendant to input it before they can view citati
  • If Officer did collect the cell number / email while issuing ticket, defendant still has the ability to correct it in case officer made an error.


  • How does QRicket work?
  • Officer writes up a ticket normally on their iOS or Android Device and then simply scans the QR code label that is affixed to a pre-printed QRicket card with standard instructions to the defendant.
  • Where does the PD get their QRicket QR codes?
  • New In Blue will supply the unique QR codes. They are free for early adopters but, will cost about $5 per 100 codes.
  • What if I want to print tickets and also hand out QRicket?
  • QRicket coexists with the ability to print tickets too, so police agencies don’t have to chose, all functionality is available for all.
  • What is the number printed under the QRicket QR code?
  • It is the unique control number which gets associated with the citation number. So, any QRicket citation can be simply looked up at