Review The Blue

Review The Blue is a system that helps bridge the gap between the public sentiment / perception and Law Enforcement Officers. (LEOs)

The system is named and designed to allow the public to have a voice in digitally commenting on their LEO even if the interaction was in their mind undeserved.


Review The Blue will provide an interface to all Law Enforcement Agencies nationwide to submit Name, Email, Cell phone of all individuals that received a citation.

These contacts will receive a text message or an email and only one response will be registered per interaction.

Review The Blue will maintain anonymity of the respondents.

The data will be tabulated for each officer and will be shared with the department head.

PDs will be able to login and review data about their individual officers and their officers collectively by various criteria like race, age, sex and nationality and data broken down by each of these profiles as to the officer / officers are biased or even keel across all profiles or has an inherent bias against a particular profile.

The data will be invaluable to find the bad apples and for the department to train or engage

What We Do

Review The Blue will text and or email to the civilian a short survey about their recent interaction between them and the Officer.

Sample Questions
  • Did you feel threatened? Y/N
  • Was the officer professional? Y/N
  • Was any kind of force used? Y/N
  • Was the officer polite? Y/N

The data will then be anonymized. For statistical analysis the following data will also be collected from the citation database and analyzed with the responses above by individual

  • Gender
  • Race
  • Nationality
  • Age