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Strategic Adviser

Dr. Hank Seitz is a mental scientist and behavioral psychologist. He is one of but a few in the world who is trained and certified to use the world's most statistically accurate and valid diagnostics tools. His certifications include being a Certified Behavioral Analyst, Certified Motivational Analyst, Certified Talents Analyst, and Certified Job Benchmark Specialist (CBA, CMA, CTA, CJBS).

Dr. Hank specializes in helping people and organizations better understand themselves and others to significantly increase hiring accuracy. Beneficiaries of his expertise have included Fortune 100 Companies around the world;

hundreds of organizations including local and federal governments and police departments; and thousands of individuals.

Using his education, certification, and vast experience, Dr. Hank has overall increased productivity within organizations and individuals by 30% and increased retention by 50%.

Dr. Hank is affiliated with New In Blue, an incredible organization that uses this science to add substantial value to organizations.