About Us

Mansur Plumber

Founder, Chairman & CTO
30 years in Government Technology building.

Mansur Plumber is the founder and CEO of AdComp Systems, as well as a Founding Board Member and CTO of New in Blue. He is a dynamic business leader and innovator with a passion and proven track record for designing, developing, and marketing technology solutions in the government space.

Over the last 32 years, Mansur has built a strong reputation for quality service, ground-breaking technology, and simplicity of solutions, which he oversees from the early vision phase through planning and execution.

He founded AdComp Systems in New York in 1989, to bring cutting-edge payment solutions to businesses and municipalities at a time when walkmans and VCRs were abundant, PCs were running DOS and 14.4k modems, Compuserve was the internet, and AOL was just about to launch.

Possessing a remarkable skill for building and empowering teams to develop new solutions for the clients, he has consistently innovated, navigating the vast changes in the technological landscape with a combination of the right hardware and software. Over the years, this has meant in-depth knowledge and development in payment technologies via payment kiosks, web, voice, messaging, and mobile technologies that solve specific problems for utility departments, courthouses, law enforcement, and other governmental agencies and departments. Leveraging the relationships in the Government space, Mansur has also launched a cloud-based ERP system called GovOnTrack.

His latest endeavor, New in Blue, revolutionizes the way that police departments operate, increasing efficiency and efficacy, as well as the health of officers and the departments themselves. The solutions offered by AdComp and New in Blue are designed to work seamlessly together, providing for comprehensive and easy-to-use systems that save municipalities valuable time, money, and other resources.

As a founding member of several successful companies over three decades, Mansur attributes his success to a relentless doctrine that the people that you work with: employees, clients, vendors, and partners all have to win. Never forget who brings food to our table and don’t ever turn your back on those that trust you. This is the only long-term winning formula.