Stress is the silent killer of organizations. That stress can originate from any number of factors, and our police departments are at even greater risk due to the very nature of their work.

Being proactive in identifying and addressing those stresses and their causes on a regular basis can transform a department’s efficiency and efficacy, fostering a happier, healthier workforce that ultimately better serves its community.

New SQ (Stress Quotient)

Now offered by New in Blue, the New SQ (Stress Quotient) program takes a holistic, scientific approach to helping police departments begin and build this healthy practice. We start at the top, confidentially interviewing leadership and other key individuals throughout the department. Your people are your greatest asset, and our team works to discover where the knives are stuck, to remove them, and to heal the wounds.

Together we can:
  • Identify organizational and individual stresses. Are your people in the right positions? Which are primed for promotion? Are your hiring practices effective?
  • Create a development plan for the organization and individuals. What benchmarks and check-ins should be put in place to quickly address and/or avoid stresses?
  • Develop a long-term relationship with simple, repeatable processes. Can you adopt our affordable solution as part of your employee wellness plan? How can you regularly flag keywords from communications, dispatch, or debriefs to determine an officer’s mental and emotional health?

Reach out today to learn how New in Blue can partner with you to make the health of your department and its people your number one priority, in a way that filters down and out to all operations and interactions.

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